A collection of articles on Oman’s role during Yemen’s year and a half old conflict…..

Oman helps in release of US citizen, admits injured Yemenis
November 6, 2016

Oman Could Hold the Key in Yemen

YEMEN CHAOS – “To solve Yemen, go to Oman” says intelligence analyst Miriam Goldman
Mar 27, 2015

Report: Oman hosting Yemen crisis talks

Yemen combatants not ready for talks, says neighbor Oman

U.S. citizen detained in Yemen arrives in Oman

Oman breaks from GCC on Yemen conflict

Oman is the Diplomatic Bridge in Yemen

Praise for Oman’s role as region’s mediator

Yemen crisis: Oman mediates US-Houthi meeting

Can Oman help Saudis save face in Yemen?

Oman says ambassador’s home hit in Yemen

UN to mediate Yemen peace talks in Oman

Yemen conflict: Oman ‘evacuates three Americans’

Oman, again the Mideast mediator, helps free Yemen hostages

Six hostages released in Yemen

Saudi foreign minister holds Syria, Yemen talks in Oman

Oman’s Balancing Act in the Yemen Conflict

Just how neutral is Oman in Yemen war?

Getting nowhere in Yemen, Riyadh blames Oman

Oman faces delicate balancing act on the border with Yemen

Arms for Houthis found in Yemen trucks with Oman plates: newspaper

Oman denies weapon smuggling into Yemen

Report: Arms for Houthis found in Yemen trucks with Oman plates

2 Americans Held in Yemen Released and Flown to Oman

Iran steps up weapons supply to Yemen’s Houthis via Oman: officials

Oct 26, 2016 : “Road to peace in Yemen goes through Muscat” @almuslimi